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Israel’s Position in Türkiye’s Fight With PKK Terrorism

30.06.2024 | Ceyhun ÇİÇEKÇİ


Although the military security dimension of Türkiye-Israel relations was crowned with an agreement especially in the 1990s, intelligence cooperation from the second half of the 1950s until these years gave bilateral relations a special and strategic character. By considering in this context, the PKK has become an increasingly important topic in the security and intelligence aspects of Türkiye-Israel relations. The data obtained by Israel as a result of its occupation of the southern regions of Lebanon in 1982 and the operations carried out on the training camps there, are considered an important turning point in bilateral relations. There is a strong belief that Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the PKK terrorist organization, who was finally captured in Kenya after a long chase in the late 1990s, was also caught with the contributions of MOSSAD. On the other hand, since there are strong suspicions that Israel is in parallel with the policy of an “independent Kurdish state”, may also support the PKK terrorist organization. In this study1, considering that Türkiye-Israel relations have developed mostly on the basis of the security sector, Israel's position towards the PKK terrorist organization will be discussed from a historical perspective.

Key Words

Çiçekçi, C. (2024). Israel’s Position in Türkiye’s Fight With PKK Terrorism. Journal of Terrorism and Radicalization Studies, 3(2), pp. 273-287, DOI: 10.61314/traddergi.1499957