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100 Years of Terrorism and the Countering Terrorism in Türkiye

30.06.2023 |


The Republic of Turkey has had to struggle with many different threats of terrorism in the 100 years since its establishment. In this context, the political violence that the Ottoman Empire was exposed to in the Balkans, the Caucasus, and Eastern Anatolia in the axis of anarchism, socialism, and nationalism from the 1880s to 1918 showed itself as opposition to the Republic during the young Turkish Republic between 1918 and 1938. It was also seen that the wind of the Cold War, social and economic changes, and the "new left wave" movements in the years 1960–1990 inspired separatist ethnic terrorism in the following years. After the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution, terrorism with religious motives started to affect Turkey as well as the whole world. Separatist/separatist terrorism in Turkey since the 1990s, radical religious-motivated terrorism, and radical revolutionary "left" terrorism threats were experienced. On July 15, 2016, Turkey was exposed to acts of terror or attempted acts by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization. Hundreds of our citizens lost their lives and thousands were injured as a result of the acts of separatist, radical revolutionary left, and radical religious terrorist organizations in 2015–2016. In the light of these facts, Başkent University Strategic Studies Implementation and Research Center (SAM) and the Research Center for Defense Against Terrorism and Radicalization (TERAM), held a Congress on Combating Terrorism and Radicalization on March 3–5, 2023, with the theme of "Terrorism and Combating Terrorism in Turkey on the 100th Anniversary of the Republic". The text you will read below is the parsed version of the opening session speeches which was held on March 3, 2023.

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TRAD. (2023). 100 Years of Terrorism and the Countering Terrorism in Türkiye. Journal of Terrorism and Radicalization Studies, 2(2), pp.188-215, DOI: