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Propaganda of Terrorism and Exploitation of Freedom of Expression by Terrorist Organizations: The Case of Sweeden

30.01.2024 | Yusuf ÇEVİK


This article examines the exploitation of freedom of expression as a justification for malign propaganda of terrorism by the terrorist organization, PKK, and its supporters. The study also examines the concepts of terrorism, propaganda, and freedom of expression. Finland and Sweden submitted applications for membership to NATO with security concerns after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in 2022. Yet Türkiye’s concerns about the activities of PKK/YPG and FETO in Finland and Sweden have made the ratification process conditioned to some legal steps to be taken against PKK and FETO. The application of Sweden brought about some significant discussions such as terrorism and freedom of expression regarding the protests of PKK supporters in Sweden. As the Turkish authorities condemned and declared the incidents as propaganda of terrorism, Sweden declared it to be regarded in the frame of freedom of expression. The relation between propaganda of terrorism and freedom of expression has always been a knife-edge discussion. By analyzing the existing international regulations and literature on the propaganda of terrorism and freedom of expression, this article follows a qualitative method. As a result of the analysis, it is concluded that freedom of expression cannot be considered a justification for malign propaganda of terrorism.

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