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Interview with Prof. Dr. Halil AYDINALP: Religious Motivated Terrorism

30.01.2023 | Terörizm ve Radikalleşme Araştırmaları Dergisi TRAD


Religiously motivated terrorism continues to harm both individuals and beliefs in the 21st century. Especially in the last 30 years, the relationship between religion and terrorism has started to be discussed more. This fact requires more examination of the elements and causes of terrorism with religious motives. For this reason, in our third issue, we are discussing the topics; what is Religious Motivational Terrorism and what dynamics lie behind it, what are the reasons for the increase in religious-motivated terrorism in the last thirty years, what are the main elements of religious-motivated radicalization, the radicalization methods used by terrorist organizations that abuse religion to recruit in Turkey. Prof. Dr. We talked to Halil AYDINALP who is an expert in those topics. AYDINALP has Master's degree in Sociology of Religion at Ankara University. Having completed his doctorate at Marmara University, Prof. Dr. Halil AYDINALP received training in his field at The City University of New York and The New School. In addition to his scientific articles and papers in the field of sociology of religion, some of his published books are: Suicide Bomber Sociology on the Axis of Terror and Fundamentalism, Higher Religious Education and Religious Fundamentalism, Religion and Secularization, Introduction to the Sociology of Religion: Contemporary and Classical Theories (Translation) and Introduction to the Sociology of Religion (Translation).

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TRAD. (2023). Interview with Prof. Dr. Halil AYDINALP: Religious Motivated Terrorism. Journal of Terrorism and Radicalization Studies, 2(1), pp.1-39, DOI: