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Women, Gender and Terrorism: The Case of Türkiye

30.06.2023 | Fatma Anıl ÖZTOP


This article aims to contribute to the discussion on gender and terrorism by exploring the motivations and experiences of women participating in violent extremist organizations. Based on a content analysis method of 41 statements, this article uses Türkiye as a case study. Accordingly, the present study especially analyzes the role of gender in the participation of women in the PKK and ISIS and finds out the intersections between gender and terrorism The findings reveal that gender plays a significant role in the motivations and in-organization experiences of women who join the PKK and ISIS, however, the specific ways in which their desire for autonomy and empowerment, was expressed differed. In this context, the study challenges the traditional view of women as passive and subservient in these groups and underscores their agency and autonomy in making rational decisions.

Key Words

Öztop, F.A. (2023). Women, Gender and Terrorism: The Case of Türkiye. Journal of Terrorism and Radicalization Studies, 2(2), pp.332-352, DOI: