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The Use and Prevention of Non-Profıt Organızations in the Financing of Terrorism

30.01.2024 | Mücahit DİZMAN


Non-profit organizations are among the important structures that have existed in the social order for many years. These organizations, which complement the deficiencies of public instruments with both their institutional and humanitarian dimensions, may be subject to abuse by malicious individuals or groups in various ways. In some cases, they may even come to the agenda with incidents leading to the financing of terrorism. For this reason, this study discusses how nonprofit organizations are used in the financing of terrorism and the effectiveness of the institutions and legal regulations that combat them. In addition, the closure and asset freezing decisions on non-profit organizations under Turkish law are examined through content analysis technique and the statistical data obtained are analyzed. As a result of the research, it is understood that the legal regulations applied are sufficient, but steps should be taken to improve the practice in the field, and in this context, inter-institutional and community cooperation should be increased. As a result, non-profit organizations are important for societies in every aspect, and more measures should be taken against the risk of their use in terrorism financing.

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