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Jineology: A Pseudoscience, Feminism Abuse, PKK Indoctrination

30.06.2024 | Serkan KEKEVİ


Jineology, a concept propagated by the leader of the separatist terrorist organization, Abdullah Öcalan, claims to be a branch of science inspired by feminism. However, upon closer analysis, it becomes evident that Jineology exploits feminist ideas while divorcing them from their original context. This concept serves as a tool for PKK indoctrination and propaganda, often sanctifying violence and the role of women within the organization. Despite being presented as a scientific discipline by Öcalan and the organization, Jineology falls short when evaluated against scientific criteria, remaining at the level of pseudoscience. Indeed, it is noteworthy that the PKK has recognized the appeal of Jineology in the Western world and has strategically adjusted its international public relations and diplomatic endeavors accordingly. This study argues that “Jineology” is a form of PKK indoctrination, instrumentalizing feminism. The conceptual framework discusses the relationship between feminism, women, and terrorism, accompanied by illustrative examples. The PKK’s women’s policy and the position of women within the PKK are also analyzed. Subsequently, the concept of Jineology is examined. Based on scientific criteria, the concept is evaluated as pseudoscience. Finally, recommendations against the PKK’s policies developed through Jineology are presented.

Key Words

Kekevi, S. (2024). Jineology: A Pseudoscience, Feminism Abuse, PKK Indoctrination. Journal of Terrorism and Radicalization Studies, 3(2), pp. 359-388, DOI: 10.61314/traddergi.1495236