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Suicide Acts: A Conceptual, Historical and Motivational Overview

30.01.2023 | İzzet KONCAGÜL


Besides the fact that suicide act can be taken back to the past as much as terrorism itself, it takes advantage of the developing technology and globalization, especially in the 21st century and finds its place among the methods used by terrorist organizations. Terrorist organizations in Asia, the Middle East, America and many parts of the world use the suicide method for their purposes. The reasons why terrorist organizations, which are located in different geographies and have different motivation sources, adopt the act of suicide method may differ. The causes of suicide actions can be analyzed at the individual, organizational and environmental levels. In the work to be done, the concept of suicide act will be discussed in the literature, its change in the process will be discussed with examples from history and finally its causes will be analyzed at three different levels.

Key Words

Koncagül, İ. (2023). Suicide Acts: A Conceptual, Historical and Motivational Overview. Journal of Terrorism and Radicalization Studies, 2(1), pp. 151-170, DOI: