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Terrorism in Africa: Boko Haram Terrorist Organization and Women Terrorists

30.06.2023 | Buket ÖNAL


Terrorism, which cannot be defined globally, continues to be one of the most serious problems of our time. Although there are many and different reasons that cause terrorism, which directly threatens the security of life and property, its results have always been devastating. Because of that, terrorism is one of the priority issues of states and international organizations. Africa has started to come to the forefront as a continent that is known for terrorism today. Economic, political and social negativities both caused the emergence of terrorist groups specific to the continent and paved the way for global terrorist groups to gain strength in the continent. Nigeria has become one of the prominent countries in the continent on terrorism, especially due to the activities of the Boko Haram terrorist organization. The sensational acts against girls and women in the country and the use of these women and girls in line with the interests of the terrorist organization have made the organization known worldwide. In this article, terrorism, female terrorists, terrorist groups in Africa and the role of women in these groups are explained, especially in detail, the role of women in the Boko Haram terrorist organization in Nigeria is discussed.

Key Words

Önal, B. (2023). Terrorism in Africa: Boko Haram Terrorist Organization and Women Terrorists. Journal of Terrorism and Radicalization Studies, 2(2), pp.353-386, DOI: